National Center for Middle East Studies


The center was founded as an Egyptian independent center for research and studies aiming at studying and enhancing the dialogue on issues and developments in the Middle East region, and their impacts on the Arab and Egyptian national Security. It also aims to present possible options to deal with them and contribute to achieving cooperation, development and stability in the region.

The center is keen on activating communication channels with all the Egyptian as well as international think tanks interested in expanding and following up dialogue, and on conducting discussions with research centers in the regions and relevant countries worldwide in order to enhance the common understanding, which helps in spreading stability and development.


The center’s mechanisms are to implement the activities that help achieve some goals; these are:  

  • Holding symposiums and workshops individually or through participation with regional and international centers and organizations.
  • Organizing public lectures about relevant topics and issues.
  • Conducting interviews and dialogues with official and non-official figures about the pivotal countries in the Middle East region. 
  • Preparing research cadres and training them in a proper way in order to support comprehensive development process along different dimensions, and spreading the culture of peace and stability in the Middle East region generally.