Developments of Yemeni crisis after the appointment of Michael Lollesgaard

The conflict in Yemen has witnessed repeated violations, threatening the Al-Hodeidah agreement and deepening the deficiency of trust between the conflict parties. Meanwhile, the suggestion of creating a safe zone in Al-Hodeidah under the control of international forces has revived by the appointment of Lieutenant General “Michael Lollesgaard” of Denmark as the Chair of the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC), which will most likely to be refused by Hadi’s government, in fear of limiting his legitimacy. And Lollesgaard’s mission will focus mainly on reaching a ceasefire in the strategic city and ports of Al-Hodeidah, securing the wheat warehouses “Red Sea Mills”, in addition to securing the delivery of humanitarian food assistance, which appeared in the meetings he held in his first week in Sanaa and Aden, along with the UN special envoy “Martin Griffiths”.

But Lollesgaard’s mission will face the same difficulties as his predecessor “Patrick Cammaert” from the lack of trust among different parties, to the effect of continuing the battles outside Al-Hodeidah on any truce or redeployment that may start later. However, the international community will seek to put Stockholm agreements into effect, in order to put an end to the humanitarian crisis of the Yemeni people.

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