Aims and repercussions of the Libyan army’s military operations in the Southِ

The Libyan national army led by General “Khalifa Haftar” announced its control on “EL-Sharara” oilfield and “El-feel” oilfield during under the umbrella of the military operation that was launched in 15/1/2019 from the city of “sabha”. This operation aims at controlling the oil fields of this region to use them as a bargaining card especially with their paramount importance for the Europeans. The operation also aims at clearing the region from the Chadian guerillas and terrorist groups which used it as a safe haven, in addition to protecting Libya’s southern border and putting an end to illegal immigration from the Sahel region which increased chaos and crime propagation in the region.

Indeed, There were contradicting stances regarding the operation from local and international actors. Locally, both the “Tubu” and the “Qadhadhfa” tribes condemned the operation in fear of persecution. However, many municipalities in the west announced their support for it. On the other hand, The Government of the national accordance refused the operation through many measures, most notably referring to the Security Council and ordering forces to be sent to the oilfield of “El-Sharara”. Internationally, The UN envoy “Ghassan Salame” expressed concern regarding the operation at first but then supported it. While France is actually collaborating with the Libyan army, the United States and turkey condemned the offensive, with Italy preserving its neutral stance.

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