Turkish Incentives for Rapprochement with Iraq

The Turkish side is keen in developing its relations with Baghdad, which is evident in Ankara's hosting of the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi. This rapprochement comes out of Ankara's desire to develop bilateral relations with the Iraqi government, as well as Ankara's desire to stop the Iraqi regional moves against Turkey. Ankara aims at obtaining Iraqi approval for Turkey's operations against the PKK, as well as trying to dissuade Iraq from continuing the litigation procedures against Turkey that accuses it of facilitating the unlawful sale of Iraqi oil on the international market. In general, it seems that Al-Kazemi's visit to Ankara has achieved positive results in a number of marginal issues,  the visit did not result in a breakthrough in the rest of the main contentious issues between the two parties, especially the Turkish strikes on northern Iraq and the water issue.

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