The political repercussions of the judicial dismissals in Tunisia


Tunisian President Kais Saied decided, according to the Tunisian Official Gazette (No. 516 of 2022) at the beginning of this month, to dismiss 57 judges. It is expected, according to the Tunisian President, to issue another decree against figures (he did not mention them by name) who committed several crimes, including in particular the disruption of prosecuting terrorists, the disruption of the surveillance of suspected terrorists, and the deportation of a number of Tunisians to the hotbeds of conflict in the region, threatening judges, and addressing law enforcement in what has become known as the file of the secret apparatus of Ennahda Movement, in addition to intervening to protect political parties and influential people subject to security prosecutions, and helping to facilitate obtaining Tunisian official documents, and preventing the application of travel bans in favor of some Partisan parties and espionage against the state.


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